How about this situation? Personal Guarantees.

Here’s the recording from my recent webinar: How to Get, Avoid, or Negotiate Personal Guarantees:

Be sure to see the show notes, for the link to the supporting PDF.

Some of the comments from viewers:

  1. I first downloaded and read your PDF, and then I watched the video. Seeing the checklist before watching your webinar made me more aware to what you’re trying to us. Another kind of good “trigger.”

  2. I like how you answered the questions, and especially how you interspersed the tips and warnings.

  3. Good thing, during your webinar, that you didn’t try to cover all 128 considerations; as you say, “it’s like drinking from a firehose.” Your PDF stiches it all together.

    TIP: Google all the considerations and alternatives, using the list in my PDF. (I was amazed, while researching, at how many ways people can handle PGs. You’d be watching dozens of my videos on PGs were I to fully explain, which btw I couldn’t. That’s why we have lawyers. And why we research before spending money with lawyers.)