In support of - and in partnership with - a seasoned operator in her space, we recently led a hyper-robust search for both a target company, and an appropriate PE firm co-sponsor.

On the target side of the project, we contacted over 1,000 brokers/bankers, executed 100+ NDAs, met with about 15 of those, lost out on 3 auctions, but won the fourth, and we're now under LOI, set to close in June.

On the Private Equity side of the project, we reached out to 200+ select PE firms, communicated with over 50 of them, met with about half of those, narrowed the ideal sponsors down to 5, with the winning PE firm aligning with great depth in the category, excellent personal and culture fit, and a strong offer regarding the Sponsor terms.

With this project about to wrap up we are seeking another seasoned and proven operator to back in a buyout in his/her space. We are industry agnostic (sans vice), Lower-US only, and EBITDA $2-25MM. We've been successfully buying companies since 1991 and we love backing winners.

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