Kindly note the following which I received from my contact who is direct to the platform:

We can put into trade with Tier 1 banks ‘HARD ASSETS’ and other items which become tradable.

Items that can be put into trade:

Gems Rubies-Diamonds polished and uncut
In-ground assets are also viable
Copper Powder
Nickel Wire
Aviation fuel
Wheat, Barley, and other commodities
SBLC and Corporate Bonds (must be cash or gold backed)

Essentially, these items are monetized at a specific Loan To Value (LTV). (Some may be insurance wrapped and then put into trade).

The Platform has a specific opening for COPPER POWDER and NICKEL WIRE.

On average it takes###-###-#### days to get into trade. At present, there are NO monetizing costs.

If you have any contacts that would be a fit for this, let's discuss further. Reply to: