As cases of COVID19 continue to climb in the US it's looking like there is going to be an increasingly challenging environment for certain at risk professions. My friend and his wife are doctors in the Chicago area and they said both of their hospitals only have a month's supply of personal protection equipment which is concerning because.the apex of the outbreak is not even close to hitting this area.

Given the intelligence, capability, and reach of this community I wanted to start a conversation to see whether anyone had ideas to assist sanitizing or providing more personal protective equipment to our front line responders, and healthcare workers?

One of my friends has provided me with his company's plans to develop a mask desanitizer and I'm especially looking for a current or former searcher who might be able to connect me with someone with manufacturing capabilities to produce what's essentially a UV light cabinet for the masks. Ideally in or near the Chicago area but I'd be happy to share his plans with anyone who is interested.

Any other ideas or ways we as a community could assist? Please feel free to email me at [redacted] I've personally committed $10,[redacted]to fund any projects and I'm certain I could find some additional funds if there was a good idea which needed some capital. Send any and all ideas my way, or feel free to post to comments in order to get a dialogue started.