Challenge: Many searchers are still working their day jobs so free time to focus on searching is limited. Searchers come from a variety of backgrounds (PE, previous/current operators, business school, etc.) and could have their search be benefited by someone like me with a wide range of previous roles, industries, etc. Interns can help but their background and expertise are typically a bit limited on the operating side (not always true, to be clear). Additionally, if any firms want an operator’s lens while vetting possible deals maybe there's some potential there).

My thought on a solution: Work with searchers (in an advisory role) to assist in creating and maintaining deal flow (quantity deals) while also vetting business deals based on the searchers criteria/thesis, identify the ones that pass the ‘sniff test,’ provide some basic (or as in-depth as the searcher wants it to go) operational and growth ideas, concerns/red flags, etc (quality of deals). I can help set up tools (accounts/tools/sources of deals, websites, CRM (I have a bunch of years of HubSpot experience) if a searcher is interested or can build out other tools (Excel, etc.) to help with sharing of info and to help compare deals). I have some available time and would love to help searchers with both the quality and the quantity of the deals they spend their time looking into while also learning some of the potential pitfalls (because, in most cases, I made those mistakes!) and helping with financial modeling/projections.

My bio: 14 year military (Air Force) veteran who’s owned/operated businesses and both failed miserably and exited successfully. I have an MBA and have also been pseudo-searching for a year or two so I’ve lived the life (while working a ‘day job’). I have industry knowledge in a handful of disparate industries and am super passionate about small businesses, acquisitions, leadership, financial/cash management, growth, etc. On top of the businesses I’ve owned and operated I currently have an Amazon store that I stood up last summer (as a side hustle) and have grown it pretty dramatically since it’s launch - this pays my personal bills currently while I work on the side on some other projects and enjoy time spent at home with my wife/kids (previous careers didn’t allow for much of that).

Cost: Obviously can’t volunteer my time (I’m not that good of a person) but I do want the overarching theme to be helping. I also think charging a small retainer would help the searcher remain committed to the services I’d be providing. All of that said, I think a retainer of $400-$600/month would be both affordable, ensure ROI, and we’d ensure the scope/deliverables are clearly defined. Bottom line: I can be used wherever a searcher feels like they’re in need. I have some available time, want to help, and am excited to help!

Contact ask: If you actually read this whole post, I much appreciate your time! By all means, would love feedback on what I'm proposing (am I stupid to think there's an opportunity here? Is what I mention above valuable to a searcher? etc.).