I am planning on signing an LOI this week for a very exciting company, and I am open to having one or two searchers or aspiring searchers join me for the next few months to experience the next phase of this process up close.

Most of us are going through this for the first time (myself included), so conducting confirmatory diligence, raising debt and equity, and closing a purchase agreement all with a ticking clock is quite daunting - especially doing it alone. I am going into this process expecting to close this deal this summer, so if you are curious to see how all of these moving parts come together with no stakes on your side, this could be a great way to build some muscle for when it is your turn to close a transaction.

The amount of time you want to be involved and the extent you want to pitch in and help in the process is up to you. If you want to treat this as a quasi-internship and dive into the process and help, that would be welcomed. If you want to follow along closely and use this as an opportunity to prepare for your own sprint to the finish line, that could work, too.

This is an experiment, but I anticipate this will be a classic case of you get out of it what you put into it. If this is interesting to you, please send me a DM and let’s talk.