We've been putting on a virtual small business growth summit every weekday in June and I've been remiss in not inviting all of the Searchfunder crowd there.

It's free to hear our speakers every day and all you need to do is register at: https://thekeyssummit.com

Some of our speaker list:

Damon John
Suzy Welch
Jay Abraham
Roland Frasier
Neal Foard
Metta World Peace (the former Ron Artest)
Jim Dew
JC and Karen Hite
Mark DeGrasse
Sharon Leite
John Macaskill
oh - and me (I'm on this Friday, FWIW)

Come and see some pretty awesome small business speakers as they talk about every phase of small business life - leadership, strategy, HR, culture, teams, sales, marketing, AI in small business, finance, and a bunch more.