Leaving the military isn’t easy. The prospect of starting a new career and rebuilding your credibility in a new industry with a new language would be daunting to anyone. However, don’t discount your hard-won skills and their applicability in the business arena. Grit and confidence in yourself are harder traits to acquire than financial modeling – you’ve got the hard stuff under your belt, you know how to buckle down and learn the rest.

Jim Sharpe at Harvard Business School has done some research to back this up: while veterans represent 5% of HBS’ student body, they make up roughly 15% of searchers in a given year. Veterans are also far more likely to go it alone vs launch a partnered search. After all, you’ve managed higher-risk situations before. Not to mention, 9% of all US businesses are owned by veterans – that’s a significant “in” with owners.

CommunEtA is the first MBA student-run fund investing at the acquisition stage of EtA deals. We are a community of investors, entrepreneurs, and MBA students brought together by excitement for EtA and the incredible ecosystem of searchers, investors, and entrepreneurs.

Reach out if you are a veteran that wants to talk search, or if you’re a searcher of any background with an acquisition under LOI. --@----.com