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Company Overview This vertically-integrated wholesale and retail merchant has seen continued revenue and margin growth throughout the past thirty-two years in business. The Company excels in the entire process, beginning with the catch and carrying through to sales through numerous channels, including two retail markets. Clients can access the premium product through wholesale, retail, and online channels. The Company maintains a fleet of eleven boats and fishes between three docks in the Gulf region. After the Company completes the catch portion of the process, it transports inventory to one of its multiple facilities. Two facilities are in the Eastern United States while the wholesale distribution facility is strategically located to enable shipping throughout the US. The Company’s ability to catch large amounts of shellfish in the Gulf has created a unique experience providing a fresh alternative to many competitor’s products. Due to this unique advantage, the company has built numerous connections to recurring revenue streams, each with a high level of customer satisfaction. This Company has successfully built a reputable brand name, enabling it to drive continued growth and profits over the past three decades. The Company currently operates at a profit margin of 18%, expecting to reach a margin over 18.7% by###-###-#### During the Covid-19 pandemic, the Company increased earnings by 72% compared to the 2019 fiscal year prior. During the current 2022 fiscal year, the company projects earnings to grow by nearly 27% compared to 2020. The Company holds complete control over its suppliers, deliveries, and inventory, creating the possibility to continue expansion with near zero restrictions.

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