I'm curious how valuations and financing is being handled for businesses adversely affected by COVID, particularly those using gov't loans/credits to retain employees that would have otherwise been laid off.   I'm relatively new to this but have been a bit surprised at the reaction to these companies.  I'd be interested to hear people's thoughts on any or all questions below ... or even answer better questions you may have :).
Appraisers (self or pro) -- Are you discounting (or ignoring[redacted]in your valuation?  Relying more on DCF v. multiplies?  Some other approach?
Lenders -- Are you leaning more heavily on 2019 and maybe even 2018 to calculate historical debt coverage and determine lending worthiness?  Have forecasts become more meaningful in lending decisions?  Do positive Q1 21 results that show a clear rebound make a difference or is it still too soon?

If banks, particularly SBA lenders, become tighter with lending for covid affected businesses, would you expect the SBA to make even further interventions in the market to help grease lending?