Hello everyone,

I own a business and I'm curious to see what the community thinks that it's worth. Here are the key details:

Manufacturing business (really more "assembly" than manufacturing") in the automotive aftermarket space (auto racing specifically)
Asset-lite. We have only maybe $100k of equipment
Strong brand name
Products sold direct to consumer, to dealers, and distributors (roughly 50/50 split between consumers and dealers, dealers have roughly 15% price discount)
Lots of inventory parts, but only about 15 SKU's sold (although each SKU is prepared custom for each customer to their specific dimensions)
Average order value roughly $600
10 employees. 4 sales/office staff, 1 inventory, 5 production
2021 Revenue $3 million
2021 EBITDA (adding back my 60k salary) $830
No recurring nature to the revenue (some customers rebuy, but nothing contractual)

So that's the first question - what do you think we could sell for? The next question is - if we hit $2 million in EBITDA, do you think we would get a bigger multiple? What do you think that would be in this market?

The reason that I ask, is because to hit $2 million in EBITDA it's going to require us to invest several hundred thousand dollars into the business. I can do the ROI on a future cash flow basis, but I'm trying to understand how it will impact our future exit.

Thank you!