For the past few weeks I have been learning about how to use "generative AI"-like technologies to help with deal sourcing and currently trying a variety of available AI tools to try and generate new lead lists.

I have a few developers helping me think through prototypes and we're currently wondering if existing searchers would be willing to chat with us about their own deal sourcing activities. Specifically we'd want to know the processes you undertook, and the tools you used, to generate your own list of leads.

For example :

- Bought, or gained access to, an existing database that was helpful

- Paid for freelancer help

- Paid for an existing piece of software (SaaS) that helped

- Paid to create a new piece of software (for example, a custom crawler) that helped

- Paid for expert (buy side brokerage, cold outreach firms, etc) help

- Personally mined Google / Linkedin {insert any relevant site} to find your lists and leads

I think any conversation would take less than 30 min. I'd happily offer free and first access to any prototypes or MVPs we generate out of our work. We can hopefully also point our MVP at your own industry and see if we can generate helpful leads for you. If you'd rather be remunerated as opposed to learning about exciting Ai use cases....I guess let me know your rate?

Our current goals are around using AI (and likely a few other programs) to automate the generation of a database of quality leads for a given industry / thesis / market

We also have some other ideas around AI, lead gen, and outreach, but just starting chronologically for now with lead gen.

Ping me, comment, or email at

If you are worried us stealing your industry thesis ideas or company targets, don't be! For full transparency I have been searching and will continue to look for SaaS or IT services opportunities (while I prototype and consider building as well). So if you are looking for SaaS or IT services, you could claim me as competitive. That said, we are interested in the processes and automation, not leads.