Hi everyone,

Thank you for sending great resources. As promised, I completed the Search Funds starter kit. It's a searchable knowledge base for anyone starting with search funds.

Before you dive in, here's a few notes:

There's a plethora of great resources. It was not possible or practical to add all of them here so I narrowed it down with these criteria:

1. Last 5 years: Business landscape changes fast. While there're some timeless tools, I chose to focus on newer resources.

2. Explicit focus on Search funds - While business acquisition is a huge topic so I focused on SF for practicality.

3. Intro level - These resources are more for intro level people like me and the goal is to get up to speed in 2 weeks.

Here's the knowledge base: https://newbusinesstrack.com/

You can search, sort and filter by type, name, and year. If you want to PDF/downloadable version, you can DM or email me --@----.com If you have suggestions about resources, keywords and comments, please send me a note as well.

I hope this resource helps you get you started fast!