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As technology has become and will continue to become a driving factor within economies worldwide, the marketplace for Value Added Resellers (VAR’s) is growing at an astounding rate – an expected CAGR of 10% Year-over-Year through the year 2028. What makes VAR’s necessary within the business landscape - most large and medium sized Companies do not order enough volume for purchasing direct from a manufacturer and can benefit from purchasing from a go-between such as a VAR, thereby creating a strong need for participants within the marketplace who function as a go-between within a B2B environment. In order for a VAR’s to maintain livelihood and grow within this highly competitive marketplace, it is necessary that Resellers have access to attractively priced goods from manufacturers, resellers, and wholesalers, and the necessary technologies to help streamline business and ensure that pricing opportunities are not overlooked (on the part of the VAR and their customer). The firms which can capture most and/or all sales within the Reseller industry will be the firms who will prevail in the years to come, ideally those who have a capability for: -Displaying a high capacity for tech solutions and customizations -An abundance data analysis and KPI’s -Sales and marketing -Quoting and sourcing -and overall Integrations and customizations Since opening their doors nearly 20 years ago this Company has created a software solution for quoting, procurement, discounting, vast array of KPI’s and a content library which in sum is yet to be rivaled by other firms in the space. By creating the necessary relations with only the most optimal suppliers for maintaining a reputation of quality while maintaining an outstanding profit margin, it is these factors while developing strategies and sales channels that the Company has been able to boast $3MM-$4MM in gross sales in its pre-covid year. With their most recent integrations (within the last 1-2 years) the Company is NOW able to harness the expected growth within the reseller space and is expecting a massive adoption of this technology among the resellers who are aware of the demand and the impact of a tech integration with these capabilities Key Investment Considerations: o Over $10M investment into the platform development, o 5000+ Tech resellers serviced, o $32B of transactions in last 3 Years, o Presence in US, CA, IN, SL o Full-fledged India Center with Development, QA, Marketing, Sales team o Development team in Sri Lanka o 55%+ profitability over last 3 years o Cloud native SaaS platform o Turnkey system and solid foundation for growth o Robust growth potential and strategies that have been clearly defined and identified by the Seller o Strong customer and referral base years of premium service offering leading reputation for quality products and pricing o 20+ years in the making o Strong process for instilling R&D and maintaining an elevated level of Quality Control o Robust and unique one-of-a-kind content library The Company and brand are very well established and only needing a directed effort related to marketing and the Company can far exceed past sales levels.With proper marketing and pursuant to bidding on available contracts there are massive growth opportunities available to a new Owner. NDA is required to secure comprehensive Confidential Information Memorandum (CIM) crafted by ProNova Partners. Detailed Information: Facilities: Not available, would need new Company location – but imminently portable. Competition: Yes, however processes have been able to in many ways keep the Company ahead of competition. Growth & Expansion: Abundant growth opportunities: little no marketing up to this point, flip of a switch and Company can experience a significant growth expected ten times in the years to come. Financing: Depending on offer and structure may be acceptable. Support & Training: As needed. Reason for Selling: Growth Capital

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