Company Profile:

Turnover: 15,000,000

EBITDA: £1,800,000
Total Net Assets: £5,000,000 (cash 2.9 million, receivables £2 million)
Deal Summary:
60% for 5,000,000 all paid on completion.

13% bought the following year for £1400,000 (paid out of cashflow)

final 27% to be bought back after 4 years for 2,500,000, (paid out of cashflow)
Funds to be raised
Looking for an investor to lend £1 million to bridge the equity gap for the lenders to lend the £4 million, the equity investor will be paid back on completion once we are in control of the bank account for a target return of 20%.

Can be deposited in an account that they would have sole control over, and paid back with the interest on completion, or once in control of the company account as £1.8 of the cash is excess.