Came across a proprietary deal – actually suggested by another business owner, whose manufacturing business I was evaluating. This business happens to be in the baked goods distribution business, 40+ years old business, great reputation, revenue – consistently $8MM+ per year. The issue – After being very profitable over the years, they are losing money for the last 3-4 years, when the owners stepped back and got a GM to run the business. Per the owners, the GM introduced many new categories / geography and focused on growing the business without paying attention to profitability. They have a sizable debt too. Since this is a turnaround situation, I have following questions:

1. Has anyone been involved in a turnaround? If so, how did you structure the deal? (the owner seems to be open to consider any structure) 2. How did you fund the acquisition? 3. Were you successful in turning the business around? If so, What were some of the things you implemented? 4. Any recommendations?

I am considering this to see if it is viable and learn from others’ experiences/recommendations.

Thanks and look forward to hearing your thoughts. You can email me directly at Nirav