Looking for a buyer.
Located in West Michigan, the Company provides high-quality tool and die services to the automotive, medical, furniture, plastics, and consumer products industries. The Company couples a robust equipment base with industry-leading design software to ensure its customers are promptly served with the best quality possible. The Company separates itself from the competition by building a line of branded specialty molds for the materials research industry, which is a unique niche many potential competitors do not participate in. The Company’s operations are supported by one operating shift that features knowledgeable staff. In the event of a sale, it is expected that all employees outside of the owner’s son, who works as a sales engineer, will remain with the Company. The current owner is looking to divest from the Company as the Company has struggled to find the optimal product mix to boost margins. Ownership has lost the passion and energy to work toward a solution and believes that new ownership might bring a fresh perspective to improving the current situation. The Company presently operates out of a facility owned through a related entity, and current ownership is open to selling or leasing in the event of a transaction. Current ownership is willing to stay on for a limited period to assist new ownership post-transaction.

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Michigan, USA
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