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Based in the Mid-South, this Company specializes in offering distinctive metal coating solutions tailored for the automotive sector. Operating within a niche market, it holds exclusive approval from automotive OEMs which helps set it apart from competitors. Moreover, the Company extends its product offerings to the aftermarket and motorcycle industries, further diversifying its revenue streams. The Company outsources limited parts of its production process, priding itself on manufacturing both simple and complex products almost exclusively in-house. The Company operates day and night, utilizing three operating shifts to satisfy its customers. Each shift is led by knowledgeable and experienced managers and supported by a tenured workforce. The Company is the only player in its space, minimizing its exposure to external competition. The current ownership seeks to divest from the Company due to a strategic new direction. Despite demand from current customers softening, there are opportunities to revitalize the Company through targeting aftermarket industries. While current ownership is eager to exit promptly, all employees are expected to stay with the Company in the event of a transaction. The Company operates from a single facility, which the owners aim to sell along with the Business in any potential transaction. TTM Revenue: $8,467,696 TTM Cash Flow: ($1,531,151) (Adj. EBITDA) Estimated Equipment Value: $1,832,000 Inventory Value: $5,105,013 Real Estate: $1,950,000 Total Building Size: 69,128 sq ft

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