Hey guys,

This is a pretty specific operational question - I'm struggling to get a confident answer here and am hoping one of you can help.

I'm nearing closing on a company in the licensed trades in Florida (asset purchase) and want to make sure we don't have issues with ongoing construction projects during the license transition.

At close here's what might ordinarily happen:
- Oldco cancels old insurance, Newco binds new insurance
- Newco submits application for Seller to act as qualifying agent (let's say it takes###-###-#### days to process)
- Oldco continues being the contractor until Newco is qualified pursuant to a transition agreement

Insurance Problem: During the transition, Oldco's insurance carrier sends cancellation notice to additional insureds including building departments, and building departments put a pause on permitted work since the contractor is no longer meeting insurance requirements.

Permit Problem: After the transition, if Newco is acting as contractor to finish the jobs, Newco may have to pull new permits and those costs can be significant

Potential solves:
- The insurance agent says they would just list Oldco as additionally insured on Newco's policies and this would be acceptable to customers and building department (sounds too easy)
- Don't cancel Oldco's insurance, reduce it to the regulatory requirement to keep it in compliance, and eat the extra insurance cost for a short period
- Have Seller qualify both Oldco and Newco. Oldco finish existing jobs to minimize permit replacement cost.

I know these deals happen all the time so I'm hoping there's a tried and true solution out there. Has anyone handled this for similar deals?