In this week's blog post, I get very tactical, and discuss the specific tools, habits, routines, and practices that I have found to be particularly effective in managing my own psychology as an entrepreneur and CEO. I chose to write about this topic based on the following three beliefs:

(1) A CEO’s ability to manage herself is at least as important as, if not more important than, her ability to manage her business;

(2) Unless you are deliberate about managing your own psychology, you risk becoming a sort of “victim” to the circumstances that happen to present themselves in your life at any given time; &

(3) Over time, the mood of the broader employee base often directly reflects that of the leader.

My belief is that, as a leader, investments in yourself indirectly become investments in others. Organizational health suffers unless the CEO has properly attended to her own personal health, both mentally and physically.

I hope at least some of these tools prove to be helpful for you:

Tools in Managing My Own Psychology