Are you new to the search fund space? We have a page designed just for you.  We've compiled links to resources that searchers and investors say are "required reading."  They recommend that potential searchers review these materials before engaging in conversations with other searchers.  That way, you can have more constructive, detailed conversations specific to your circumstances.

1) Read the Required Reading for Search Funds

Step 1: On the main menu ► located next to your profile picture, click on the intro to searchfunds link.

Step 2:  Enjoy the required reading along with posts that have been tagged as #getting started!

2) Check out upcoming events and the library of Live Streams

We always say, "Searching is Better Together." And, we mean it. Check out the upcoming events on the upper right side of your main Timeline page. You can also find previous events that have been recorded on the past events page. You can always find it by clicking the full calendar and then past events. Look for the red video icon.

Karen hosted 3 types of events:

* Searchfunder Ops Sessions - geared toward the operational issues current and future operators face

* Searchfunder Sessions - focusing on issues relevant to those who are exploring the concept of search or are actively searching for an acquisition target

* Searchfunder MeetUps - hosted networking or brainstorming sessions based on affinity such as type of search, regional location, gender, race and topic. We look forward to hosting meetups for our self-funded searchers, women, people of color, interns and regional searchers, among many others in the coming year.

You can find a library of them on the past events page.

3) Check out the podcasts, vlogs and courses.

A few years ago, there wasn't a lot of information about search funds that was publicly available .Now there are plenty of resources through podcast, vlogs and courses.

4) Check out the discounts and perks page.

I've collected in one spot helpful discounts and perks. So, take a skim now. That way, once you're ready , you'll know what resources have been recommended by other searchers.

If you are new to Searchfunder and would like additional guidance, click this link.

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