I'm curious how other business operators are evolving their time and attendance policies in light of the labor shortage. Please comment below or link to any relevant materials on the topic.

I acquired two manufacturing businesses this year and am leading them both day to day. Like many established manufacturing businesses, we operate with a very traditional view of time and attendance. My longer term employees are accustomed to the schedule and have great attendance; whereas, my newer employees struggle to keep perfect attendance. I'm interested in ways to provide more flexibility to my hourly employees (especially the newer ones that seem to need it) without killing the strong work ethic and disciplined culture exhibited by my longer term employees.

I'm considering this within a context where it is difficult to hire and retain skilled labor. If you have a talented new employee, how much imperfect attendance should they be allowed to get away with? Should their be a universally enforced formal policy or a more flexible approach? Is it better to accommodate someone who is tardy 1 or 2 times per week given how hard it is to replace that person with a new hire, or should you enforce the attendance policy and terminate the individual to preserve the standard for those who remain?

I know this is a complex topic and will depend on many factors that we won't be able to unpack here. If anyone is aware of any thought leadership on the topic, I'd appreciate your help in sharing. Thanks