Hi everyone,

I have recently started looking for acquisition opportunities. I am INSEAD alum###-###-#### with 15 years experience in semiconductor industry in technical and business roles. I also have a PhD in semiconductor design. Given the industry specific knowledge,  I am primarily searching for opportunities in semiconductor or adjacent industries. 

Industry specific search has some unique characteristics. For example, semiconductor industry has regions of excellence. Korea ( where I am currently located), Japan, China (emerging), Taiwan and the US( Texas and California mainly).  

I would like to get your input on following issues: 

1. Are investors usually open to fund global searches? Or they only fund the searches located in a specific region? 

2. Has anyone on this forum tried industry specific, geography agnostic search. I would love to learn about their experiences. 

3. I heard about LMM PE  option for more focused searches. However, the feedback has been mixed. Some people believe it's a viable option for searchers with more experience. Others claim that PE is saturated and the contracts are defined in such a way that entrepreneurs has little chance of getting their desired return. Any thoughts? 

Any others ideas/ pointers are welcomed.