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From Salta to Boston
Carlos Laconi's Entrepreneurial Journey in the World of Small Business Transformations

Today, we are excited to share the incredible story of Carlos R. Laconi, an Argentinian entrepreneur who ventured into the world of Search Funds and transformed a small business in the process. Carlos' journey took him from Salta, Argentina to Boston, where he breathed new life into a company and created a lasting impact on the community.

Carlos originally moved to the US to pursue his MBA at Babson College, where he discovered Entrepreneurship Through Acquisition (ETA) and Search Funds. This new knowledge changed the trajectory of his career, leading him to become involved in the Search Fund community and complete his concentration on ETA at Babson.

In 2020, Carlos was living in Charleston, South Carolina, planning to return to Argentina to manage his agriculture and export company focused on organic products. However, fate had other plans. He was approached by someone asking if he wanted to be the General Manager of a small company in Boston. While he initially declined the offer, the conversation piqued his interest.

You have to analyze the owner and see if you want to be that owner.

The company in question was Boston Tree Preservation (BTP), a 46-year-old business founded by Peter Wild, a passionate entrepreneur and arborist. Peter had initially intended to hire Carlos as a General Manager to operate and grow the company. However, Carlos recognized the potential for a Search Fund model and proposed a deal to operate, grow, and eventually sell the business.

Carlos took charge of BTP and immediately began implementing a digital transformation to increase operational capacities. He focused on expanding the company's reach in North Boston, lifting the business 5-7X in sales from 7 years prior. Carlos worked tirelessly to improve the company's finances and streamline the numbers in preparation for a future sale.

During this time, Carlos’s Argentine company continued growing and became one of the largest chia seed farming business in the South America, due to the great team he put together before leaving for BTP, while he stayed on the board. He successfully balanced his responsibilities between both companies, which he attributes to his love for what he does and his ability to solve business problems efficiently.

In just two years, Carlos successfully sold BTP to a Boston Search Fund led by an army veteran with an MBA. The sale process was an incredible learning experience for Carlos, who managed to maintain close ties with the Search Fund community throughout the entire process.

Carlos' journey is a powerful testament to the importance of seizing opportunities, embracing change, and finding the right partners. His story shows that even an immigrant can participate in ETA and make a significant impact on a community.

As he moves on to his next endeavor - a search fund - Carlos leaves behind a legacy of dedication and innovation at BTP. He has also formed a lasting friendship with Peter Wild and his family, proving that business partnerships can transcend professional boundaries and develop into genuine connections.

We hope Carlos' story inspires you to explore new avenues in your own entrepreneurial journey and to always be open to change. Stay tuned for more stories from the world of small business that showcase the resilience and determination of entrepreneurs like Carlos.