Searchfunders - So I'm close to offering up the first LOI of my search. I commonly hear people say that spending the time on a detailed LOI saves time, headache and money later in the process when negotiating definitive documents. To date, I have not engaged a lawyer. I'm doing a self-funded geographic search so am using the carrot of getting my business to help me with networking / sourcing in my geography (TBD on if that works). So here are my two main topics.

First - For all the discussion that a detailed LOI saves time and headache, what are sections you included in your LOI that you thought really helped?

Second - My shameless ask...anybody willing to share their template LOI with me? I have an M&A background, so know enough to be dangerous, but need a starting point to modify. I know its a big ask, so no problem if not (comments on first question would be huge though). If so, email is