Tools and Resources:


First I discovered search via the Sweaty Startup Podcast, particularly this episode.


It’s hard to pick a favorite podcast, and each has been helpful on my journey.

Sweaty Startup

Acquiring Minds

Acquisitions Anonymous

Beyond 8 Figures

The Michael Girdley Show

Think Like An Owner

In the Trenches

Small Business and Deal Making Podcast

Buy and Build


These are the books that inspired and guided me to take the steps necessary to move from employee to employer.

Rich Dad Poor Dad

Buy then Build

HBR Guide to Buying a Small Business

The Wealthy Gardener

Never Split the Difference


Searchfunder → Obviously the most valuable. If I only had one resource, it would be this one

Corporate Finance Institute

Buy Small Sell High

Big Deal Small Business

The Business Inquirer

Computer and Software

Macbook Air M1 → Bought for battery life and quietness no other laptop offers 21 hours of continuous use

Libre Office → Used for modeling, teasers, and all publishing and office needs

MS One Note → Easily keeping notes on all devices and sync’d

Canva → Logo creation

Ionos → Website creation and hosting

Google workspace → Email hosting for aforementioned domain

Gmass → Email campaigns

Pipedrive → CRM to keep track of all the communications

Deal Sites and Broker Listings

Bizbuysell → Where I found my business


First Bank of the Lake → Bruce Marks is super knowledgeable, and he delivered as promised

Live Oak Bank → Lisa Forrest was super helpful and I almost chose her

Due Diligence

Duedillio → Where I found my financial due diligence in particular Bob Greisman → Did a fantastic job and fit with what I was looking for, all well under his estimate

Jim Parsons → Local Maryland attorney who did an outstanding job even though it ended up costing me considerably

Bill Blumberg → The broker, one of the good ones who values companies honestly and put together a very convincing CIM

401K ROBS Provider → I don’t know how they deliver the level of service they provide for the price they charge, highly recommended if you go with a 401K ROBS to fund your injection

My Philosophy

1) To educate myself first in how to acquire a business

2) Build a strong foundation to search from

3) Start the search in earnest, but be efficient

4) Adapt as more knowledge is gained

5) Act quickly once an opportunity presents itself

6) Establish rapport with the seller

7) Keep the big picture in mind while working through the negotiations

8) Drive everyone to the closing table and don’t let time kill the deal

Thanks for reading, if you would like more details on my journey they can be found here: Small Business Acquisition