Eddie Wilson is a husband, father, avid real estate investor, CEO, national speaker, and has a passion for business growth. Over the course of his career, he has built or run more than 100 different businesses, managed 4,000 employees, and traveled around the world speaking about business and leadership. It is his pedigree and experience that has led him to develop a business operating system that worked for him in systemizing and scaling his companies. Now he has released it for you.


00:00 Intro to Eddie Wilson

00:36 His entrepreneurial start

02:37 How he sold his "show"

03:42 How did Fox pay for your show?

04:21 How much did you own of that show?

04:27 What did you think - after you sold it?

04:47 Then you built a TV ad agency?

05:23 And you sold that too?

05:28 Why did you sell that?

10:50 The three things to focus on

12:16 Manage IP - Explain that...

14:30 The "Operating System" what is that?

17:49 What do you do if mgmt. or individual does not fit in to the "system"

20:34 You create this "Operating System" what is next test it on acquisitions?

24:48 How did you acquire 32 companies at one time?

26:36 What do you mean "operate at scale"?

29:12 What was the legal structure of all these companies?

29:48 Did you have to shut any of the companies down?

30:16 Did you bring in your mgmt team to run these companies?

31:50 Who initiated the sale of the 76 companies?

33:15 How many bidders did you entertain?

33:24 The chairman, where was he?

34:37 How much did you own percentage and how much control?

34;52 You sell all your assets, what are you working on now?

37:19 What charitable work are you doing & why?

41:49 Have you always done charitable work?

42:25 How has charitable work changed you as CEO?

43:41 How much of excess cash flow do you give to your charities?

44:55 Do you buy 100% or keep seller in game?

46:29 What industries are you looking at?

48:41 The "Event Space" why do you like that?

51:37 How do you work with "Influencers"?

52:52 Buy and Hold or grow and sell?

54:24 What is the lifetime goal?

55:16 Do you work with an Investment Banker - to sell your companies - who?

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