This week, I’m excited to present a very special edition of In The Trenches: In today’s episode, I will be interviewing 4 different CEOs of 4 different SMBs, and asking them just a single question:

"What are some of the seemingly small changes you’ve made that have had the most outsized impacts?"

When taking over a new business, new CEOs often speak of operational “low hanging fruit”, so I wanted to ask this same question to 4 different CEOs to learn more about just what this low hanging fruit is.

Each of the 4 CEOs that I’ll be speaking with today is at a different stage of their journey, ranging from 1 to 8+ years of CEO experience. Does growth and success tend to result from a large number of seemingly small changes, or a small number or larger changes?

That’s what we’ll endeavor to answer today. Link below:

The Smallest Changes That Had the Largest Impacts: 4 CEO Case Studies