The Board Room is your place to hangout with other Sponsors, Searchers, Investors & Operators.

if you are:

1) Building your Holdco through acquisitions

2) Planning to start searching (SelfFunded or Traditional) or

3) Looking to invest in amazing deals and become a BOARD MEMBER.


Here our PlayBook:

FIRST, Have fun, hangout with people who share your dreams and learn from those who have already done it (FOR FREE) and later,

Join the Board Room Premium:

1) Raise capital from anchor investors.

2) Get immediate access to all the tooling for your search.

3) Get your DEAL TEAM ready for DD for fraction of what cost me.

4) Raise the equity gap for your down payment.

5) Hire & operate

6) Take Home money from your assets while you are provide value to society through profitable companies.

The end goal is to leverage each others efforts & my personal incentive is to bring more deals to my investment commitee, see oportunities worldwide, invest & work with people we love and eventually becoming your board member