working on a potential acquisition of a RV dealership and negotiated reasonable payment terms for a "lease option" to buy the property in the future (~$5 M). Then received the lease option (draft) from the seller’s attorney, which includes 28 deal points (many in seller’s favor).

Tenant responsible for: Real property taxes Repairs (beyond ordinary wear and tear) Water well and pump (maintenance, expenses of) Lien and completion bond for improvements (at###-###-#### 5x estimated cost of improvement) Insurance (e.g. comprehensive public liability, property damage insurance) Utility and municipal service charges Attorney fees for any claims on the Premises

Landlord controls: Use (RV dealership only) New signs Alterations, additions (except for moveable furniture, trade fixtures) Subletting Permitting Hazardous materials on site

Wondering which of these is not customary/standard for a lease option in CA? In other words, which of these deal points, if any, should I definitely push back on?

Thanks for any thoughts! Best, Andy