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This transportation and warehousing company has an extremely diverse client base and 85% of their revenue comes from repeat customers. Established in 1989, this business has an excellent reputation and current ownership was able to continue building that reputation after purchasing in###-###-#### With a warehousing location based in Wisconsin, their service area is primarily in the Southwest are of the United States. This warehouse is 20,000 square feet including 1,200 square feet of office space. The current team consists of 30 total employees. This includes the two owners, 3 team leads, 13 long haul drivers, 4 local drivers, 6 warehouse workers, and 2 Dispatchers. They have all of the members needed to continue operations as they are currently established. Both of the current owners are very involved in the business and work full time. Owner 1 handles work related to HR, financials, insurance, sales, and pricing. Owner 2 handles work related to overseeing the leasing, purchasing, and maintenance of equipment as well as fueling, business development, and hiring. To ensure a smooth transition, both owners have agreed to stay up to 3 years. One person could do both roles with the addition of an outside book keeper. The salaries needed to retain or replace one owner and to partner with an outside book keeper have been factored into the current cash flow. Growth opportunities that new owners could pursue moving forward include hiring more drivers, building on current partnerships (increasing the amount of storage being utilized by these clients or transitioning clients from one side of business to taking advantage of both the warehousing and transportation services offered), and increasing facilities to create flexibility with load transferring. Priced at $2,600,000 a down payment of $325,000 would return $333,890 in the first year after debt payments. This long-standing business is ready for new ownership to take over and enjoy the continued growth that has been enjoyed in recent years.

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