Please forgive in advance the basic nature of this question! I am seeking advice from those in the community who have expertise in CNC machines, specifically Tornos and Tsugami "swiss-style" machines.

A company I am seeking to acquire has two CNC "swiss-style" machines that are not currently in use. The company previously purchased the machines to insource its component parts like fasteners and bolts but they are no longer using them. My understanding is 1-2 people at the company know how to operate the machines but no one actually understands what products or markets these machines can serve (the owner is totally "checked out" and has no clue).

The machines are:
-Tornos Deco 2000 Swiss turn with bar feed
-Tsugami S20 Swiss turn with bar feed

My research suggests these machines can be used to manufacture a variety of different parts like fasteners, bearings, etc. Can someone help explain the products these machines can output and confirm if these machines can produce parts as components to be sold in industrial end markets (medical, aerospace, etc.). At the end of the day, I am trying to see if it is feasible to get these machines up and running and get them "cash flowing" for the business once again!

Comments are welcome if you have expertise you are willing to share.

Thanks in advance!