We had been an Amazon Seller for 5 years and were fortunate to have sold this store 12/1/2020.
After this sale, we are now slowly building our connections and team on LinkedIn, but realize it is a process that takes time.
I am keeping watch on the deals in searchfunder, but want to create a larger 'net'. For those who have experience with getting started with M&A deal flow, I would either like to discuss this with you in more detail on a call or appreciate any suggestions.
From###-###-#### , I was a Commercial GC in Houston for TI, meaning I am VERY familiar with talking to small businesses, but just not in the capacity of acquisitions. I would also clarify that we are more interested in acquiring an online business rather than a brick and mortar business.
If there is any way I can help you, we can also discuss this on the call. We are not in a rush, but just want to start seeing some forward momentum and suggested steps to start seeing more deals.
Thanks for your time.