Hi Searchfunder Crew!

Excited to join the community and wanted to give a quick intro. I work at a MM PE firm ($2bln AUM) that invests in high quality niche market leaders. We typically invest in businesses between $7-35M in EBITDA for platforms and $1M+ EBITDA for add-ons to our existing portfolio companies. I learned about the search community after hearing about an incredibly successful search fund deal that came to market via a banker (search funder bought the company at what I assume was a couple million of EBITDA and grew it to $20M+ EBITDA over a few years in a niche market) that we were reviewing as a potential platform deal.

Figured joining would be a great way to learn more about deals and provide advice / options for exit. Please message me if you are interested in learning more about how PE thinks about acquisitions / exits or if you have a business that you are considering exiting! Happy to contribute however I can.