Dear community,

With my former INSEAD classmate and now business partner Javier Martinez, we are happy to announce that we have successfully closed our Search, with a Belgian company active in Stainless Steel Manufacturing for Biopharma (Clean Piping, Air Processing. Special pieces).

To give you an idea of the timing : Javier started the Search full time around March[redacted]We have met the current owner around July.

On my side, I exited my first acquisition in September. The small plumbing company I purchased after my MBA in 2011 became a group of energy installation companies, leader in HVAC and Solar in Belgium, and was acquired by EDF Luminus (Belgian division of the energy giant EDF). I then had more time to focus on the Due Diligence and the deal.

We finalised the details end of[redacted]The closing happened end of December 2019.

We are now the owners of a supplier of the Vaccines industry, that must remain active in this Covid crisis. We have a great team that is dedicated to help vaccines be delivered despite the world situation. Thanks to them !

My advice for the community: find a great company still run by its original founder. Someone with strong experience rather than numerous diplomas. So usually someone different from you; be humble. Take the time to connect with the seller, understand his background, his ups/downs and war stories. Become a trusted partner in the future of his baby.

Many thanks to the Searchfunder community for their advices these last months.

I will continue to help Humble, Smart and Hungry Searchers buy great businesses in the future, so stay tuned !

Yves Warnant