TL;DR: Bruce ( and has and will continue to be our preferred SBA lender, because 1) he will go above and beyond to help a deal get to the finish line, 2) he works quickly and responsively, 3) because of his experience closing tens of millions in SBA loans per year he has great pattern recognition and understands the SBA process so his pre read on deal has been spot on.

Context - Earlier in 2020 we worked with Bruce to get a $3m acquisition of a retailer in California; ultimately the deal fell through due to COVID two weeks before closing but because of this we worked with him on the end-to-end process of a deal.

Pros of Bruce:

  1. He has the capability to underwrite SBA loans of all sizes right up to $5m
  2. Organized process to request information and provide it to the underwriting team
  3. He works quickly and responsively, I have never had a problem getting a response from him in more than a day
  4. He’s will go to bat for you on a call with a seller about your credibility
  5. He will work with the closing team to minimize closing costs and the closing team is very efficient and knowledgable
  6. When we were going to the underwriting team (which meets frequently) Bruce was 100% working with us to answer their questions
  7. Bruce has been able to comprehend and understand the businesses that we’ve presented to him quickly from whatever niche industry they have been fro