Hello everyone in the wonderful serachfunder community and universe,

I have been following along on the this website for about 6 months now. I want to announce my intentions to purchase a business my goal is within the next year I am looking in the $750k - $1.5M EBITDA range in the Southeastern USA or UT, ID, CO areas. Industry agnostic but starting in the business services and consumer services industries. I am looking to get a SBA loan leveraged at 80-90% on the business and put a big percentage of the equity in myself then cover the rest with investors. I would like to purchase in the###-###-#### x EBITDA multiple. I would ideally like to end up with 100% - 60% ownership of the business.

The main help I need is references to business brokers or owners who have deals in those ranges.

Would love to connect with anyone and discuss searching and help out in any way I can.

Thank you,
Sean Tagge