Screenshot below...

I noticed something funny.

Most of the successful Searchers in my network found their forever business "off-market."

At first, this surprised me. But I guess it does make sense...

...less competition...better purchase price...flexible terms...etc.

I like it!

So, I set out to buy a list of "off-market" businesses to target.


Turns out, this was SUPER EXPENSIVE to pull off! Felt like a total rip-off.

Plus, the leads that I paid top-dollar for were ummmmm....let's just say crummy.

I'm talking about missing (or unverified) email addresses. No revenue/EBITDA estimates. No decision-maker contact info. Hundreds of duplicate names.

I wasted a small fortune. Not to mention the lost time.

And honestly, the tools out there are just too clunky and confusing for a guy like me. I've tried 'em all.

But this was my "eureka moment!"

"Never again!

Instead of paying for overpriced garbage, I decided to build my own list from SCRATCH.

This cost me thousands of dollars (and loads of time), initially. But now I've got it humming along nicely.

Consider this your "kick-in-the-shorts" to go build your own list.

Happy to share more.

DM's open.

- Grant###-###-#### exit, working on round 2)