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This specialized medical staff provider holds a significant edge over competitors, attributed to its deep expertise in compliance and regulatory standards, coupled with intimate familiarity with school districts' healthcare staffing requirements through longstanding partnerships. Managing a substantial and versatile workforce, the Company adeptly tailors its services to meet diverse client needs, supported by a proficient behind-the-scenes team. Its specialized staff, comprising registered nurses, licensed practical nurses, physical therapists, occupational therapists, paraprofessionals, and certified occupational therapist assistants, possess nuanced knowledge tailored for medical practices within school environments. The Company holds an excellent reputation among local school districts, poised to leverage its expertise for assertive market expansion into new geographic areas. Additionally, with a growing elderly population and potential regulatory changes spurring demand, the Company could expand its workforce to provide healthcare personnel for nursing homes and assisted living facilities, capitalizing on the burgeoning need for skilled workers in these settings. The Company operates with minimal ownership involvement, relying on an exceptional back-office team to manage daily operations efficiently. With new ownership in place, the Company is poised to drive forward, leveraging its strong reputation and expertise while actively pursuing new avenues for growth to reach unprecedented heights. The owners would like to sell the business in order to fully retire.

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Michigan, USA
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