Hey Folks; after my intro post many of you reached out regarding a buy-side report project I was working on.

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I've went ahead and launched a paid newsletter called "DealHunters," where we hunt down and send you high-quality, pre-vetted deal reports weekly. There were enough people who reached out that I figured this was something a lot of you folks would need.

If you’re new to Buying Businesses, you’ll find that Deal Sourcing comes with many challenges... — Scams & Low-Quality Deals are rampant on low-mid market sites. — Brokers are Commission-Only, and highly overvalue their listings because of this. — Worst of all, finding High-Quality, Fair-Valued Deals take a MASSIVE amount of time.

We help assist your search by sending out high-quality deal reports on a weekly basis.

How does it work? Simply sign up for the newsletter and begin browsing available deals — Each deal comes with a full initial due diligence report identifying Business Strengths, Risk Profile, and Potential Opportunities. This will give you the head-start you’ll need to judge the deal for yourself.

I'm giving SearchFunder Members FREE Access to the most recent reports for 7 days;
After that it’s $49/month** to receive 1-2 new reports, delivered weekly.

Here's the Link to Get Started... >>SIGN UP for a Free 7-Day Trial<<

What do the Initial DD Reports Look Like? Here is a sample report: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1SGKJVrLubkpTe_KNl_LliOUEJSNCay7MboaCJCw8foE/edit?usp=sharing

Each DD report is provided in a multi-section excel sheet with all the information you need to make an initial assessment, and all SOLD Deals are made publicly available. Each report includes…

— Inherent Value Proposition (What Makes this Business’ Products/Services Inherently Valuable to Customers? What Problems do they Solve?)

— Market Positioning (How Strong is this Business’ Market Position, Compared to Other Offers?)

— Customer Acquisition (Where Do Customers Come From?)

— Operations (How does the Business Work?)

— SWOT Analysis (What are the Biggest Takeaways?)

— Quantitative Tools (12-Month Trailing P&L’s, Financing & Projections Calculator)

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Other FAQ's...

How is this different from a Broker? We're only in buy-side analysis of deals, never brokering our own. We only search for publicly available deals on the market and determine its value to a potential buyer, according to our own set of heuristics. Since we don’t take a deal success / broker fee, we only look for and feature the best deals available on the open market. But you’ll need to get an intermediary (such as a broker and/or an M&A lawyer) to assist in acquiring the deal.

What makes a “Good” Business to DealHunters? We only source Real Online Businesses. “Real" meaning an Online Business with a degree of staying power; namely a Long History, Strong Branding, and Competitive Immunity.

Other factors like Customer Acquisition Strategies and Operations are obviously looked at as well, but a heavy emphasis is placed on the intrinsic value of the business’ products and services — including weighing the value relative to competing businesses — over all other factors.

We’re not interested in “Money-Making Schemes” like Adsense or Affiliate Sites as its longevity is questionable.

What kind of Business Models do you look for? We typically look at E-Commerce, Saas, and Service Businesses.

Transaction size is typically $30k-$300k, as requested by our first handful of customers. Less than this range and deals deteriorate, and more than this is where the majority of deals are kept confidential from the public. Deals are publicly sourced at the moment, but will source private deals in the future.

I’m looking at another Business to purchase. Can you take a look too? Of course! Would be more than happy to provide a one-off report for any deals in your dealflow. We've looked at a few confidential deals from some of the most well-known online business brokerages. If interested, shoot a DM.

What if I’m looking for something more specific? Say you’re looking for a specific kind of Online Businesses to buy; You’ve got a budget and a biz model in mind. I’ll find businesses for sale in the open market, perform initial Due Diligence, and bring that pre-vetted deal to you (if it’s not a total lemon of a deal). If you’re interested in more bespoke deal finder service, shoot a DM.

Bonus: You're not planning on staying with Substack, are you...? Heck no. Only temporary as a bare-essentials start. As the number of deals and subscribers grow, I'm planning on creating a searchable database for these deals. Your early access to these deals will help support the growth and refinement of the product itself!

Again, Here's the Link ...
>>SIGN UP for a Free 7-Day Trial<<

Any Other Questions? Ask Away!