Hey Folks! Colleague referred me to SearchFunder for guidance on this project.

For context...

— Sold a <$100k online business in late###-###-#### Began seeking online businesses to purchase.

— Enjoyed the process of searching / vetting deals for myself, though the prospect of operating wasn't appealing

— Asked "I wonder if I can do this sourcing/vetting thing for other people?"

— A few months ago, began creating reports on deals I've found at least worth investigating, like this: https://bit.ly/3cgmCVW

— Continued doing these free for friends, as practice. Plan is to make these reports available in a paid-newsletter format.

My questions are...

— Is there really a need for this? If so, what is my role technically called in M&A-Speak? Analyst/Appraiser/Something Else?

— What type of firms / individuals will benefit most from reports like these? Is it even worth doing for deals this small?

— What is missing from a report like this? I have zero formal training, coming from a background of operating; Not some MBA.

Appreciate anyone's feedback; I'm totally enraptured by this new vocation but have been struggling with where to take this whole "Analyst / Report-Making" thing.

Not sure where it belongs in the grand scheme of M&A and can use guidance more than anything. Appreciate your time.