Seeking capital.
**More details about the deal can be found in the attached Acquisition Opportunity teaser document.** The Company is a 100+ Award winning Software/App Development business in NYC. $1.1M Revs, $650K Adj. Cash Flow for 2020 & on track for 30% growth this year. Team of 15+ Designers, Developers, Testers, Project Managers, Marketing Manager, & Salesperson. Fully dialed-in digital marketing generating 997% ROAS so far in 2021, up from 560% ROAS in 2020! Lifetime Value of Customer of $100,000 and growing! All Systems, Processes, Automations and detailed SOP's in place for seamless transition and scalability. Cash flows are covering the proposed Debt Service by >3.5x and growing! We've recently received our first firm commitments from our investors for $100,000 of the $300,000 private securities offering. We've been in touch with multiple banks who like and are on board with the deal. We expect to close the equity financing round and begin moving through underwriting for 90% SBA Financing in the next week (today is 9/9/21). The financing may also come with a $250K SBA Express Line Of Credit. This *may* allow for a short-term buyout of the shares for a reasonable pre-set return if so desired by one or more of our Investors. Otherwise, happy to have great Value-Added Investors stay on board for the long-term for Distributions & eventual Exit! Only $100-200K remains to be filled until the round is fully Subscribed and closed! Feel free to reach out to have a conversation about the opportunity & to explore due diligence materials. Looking forward to sharing this fantastic opportunity with you!

New York, NY, USA
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