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Business Description For sale is a 16-year-old leading agile software development company that provides consultants and augmented staff to companies, specializing in producing high-quality code quickly and cost-effectively and delivering first-class applications that exceed expectations. Currently IT services represent 80-90% of their revenue and BPO services make up the remaining 10-20%. On the IT services side, 70-80% of revenue comes from staff augmentation (i.e. monthly agreements which equate to recurring revenue). They have clients across many industries, including Viacom, PlutoTV, Capstone, PrimeCare Technologies, Cubex, and Salt and Snow and most have been with them 5+ years (which contributes to very little customer churn over their history). The business hit a slight bump in 2020 due to the pandemic and the fact that many of their BPO customers were in the restaurant/hospitality industry, but they have since switched focus and are now working more with technology and Ecommerce businesses.

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