I recently spent 3 days in Tampa, FL at the SMBootcamp program by Pursuant Capital and thought I would share my experience that may help in any small way.

I am a self-funded solo searcher who has been researching the space since reading Buy Then Build in###-###-#### I've read the top books, listened to many podcasts, and read a bunch of blogs. I have established relationships with top SBA lenders and developed a decent grasp of all the concepts. I have connected with brokers, browsed BBS, reviewed a bunch of CIMs and even had several seller meetings.

But I felt lonely and unsure of if I was "doing it right" and as someone who emphasizes continuous improvement, it was hard to know what I could be doing better. I knew I wanted a program and some peers to help turn this in to a part time interest to a serious venture where I could have some measure of confidence that I would be successful. I reviewed several options: including doing nothing, The Acquisition Lab, some accelerators, and IBBA online training. None of this was apples-to-apples and they all have a good role to play for the right person but I ultimately chose this bootcamp because of the in-person format, the exposure to people who had done it before (very practical vs academic), and the price was right (a little more than I would have liked but enough for me to take it very seriously).

Now being a month out, I have no regrets of spending the time and money to join the bootcamp. Top reasons are:

1. Top-notch content - Sam and Chandler have run this enough that I would say it is not "beta" anymore but it's still young enough that they are very passionate and hands-on with the content and the participants. Good ground-level, practical perspective on many of the topics and issues that I had heard/read about from an academic perspective.

2. Facetime with practicing professionals - Day 2 is all about the 3rd party professionals that you may work with to find and close a deal - lender, tax, attorney, HR, insurance, etc. VERY overwhelming but gives you a good map of the terrain of why you would engage with these folks and when to start spending money with them.

3. Case studies from other searchers/owners - Day 3 was my favorite - we got to hear from various searchers and owners who've acquired recently and how it has worked out - felt like a binge session of acquiring minds or think like an owner PLUS we got to pepper them with questions!

4. Great cohort of other searchers on a similar journey - we had people just starting to some who had LOI's signed, people from all over the country, so many backgrounds, converted traditional searchers, people with corporate jobs, startup experience, even an undergrad student. There are many people I met there that I call friends and a bunch that I would bet I will partner with in some way over the next 6 months. We get together regularly, talk shop, and vent about how none of our family and friends "get it"!

5. Super gracious hosts - Sam is great and I learned it is a family business - his pops was a business broker, his brother partnered on many of his acquisitions plus has his own ventures with wild stories, his sister in law spoke about HR. Very welcoming experience and even though we were having 12+ hour days, there was a good mix of learning, networking, and unwinding!

I recommend the program for any self-funded searcher whether early or late in your journey. I hope this helps a few of you out there learn about and consider joining this program. I am happy to share my experience if anyone is considering it. No affiliation - I was just a satisfied paying customer of a recent bootcamp!