Hi everyone,

I currently own 1 SMB and am in the process of acquiring a second in the exact same space via SBA 7(a) loans so adjustable rates. Obvious cost synergies are backend accounting, technology, banking, etc.

The company I own now is an S-corp and the new acquisition will be location #2. Right now, location 1 is semi-absentee while the new location would basically be absentee given the seller's involvement post sale.

While the cash flow of the first location grants me the salary + some ordinary income, the second location would basically just be adding to the bottom line (ordinary income) without increasing my "salary" (tax benefit).

The question:

If the companies are stable (required services), cash flowing, and produces significant ordinary income, what option would you pick as the owner?

1. Use cash flow to continue rolling up other locations and just keep paying debt on a normal schedule?
2. Use cash flow to pay down debt first, continue to work out kinks post-acquisition and focus on integration + growth?
3. Something else

Trying to understand opportunity cost here when it comes to capital allocation. Think there's a lot of brain power on this site so hopefully some good responses!