Artificial intelligence is transforming the way businesses operate in many different industries. Small-business owners might think they can’t afford AI, but that's not true anymore! Existing technology platforms make it possible for any size and level of expertise to tap into its productivity benefits without needing a big team or deep tech skill set.

You may think that there are only certain functions and uses for artificial intelligence, but the truth is much richer than we have thought before! Small businesses today are just discovering what this powerful technology can do with its capabilities in different fields - from tool creation to virtual assistants who help manage your inbox more easily. AI is more than just a web chatbot. It can do much more for your business!

So what are some ways you could leverage AI in the near future?

Explore free or low cost tools

The future promise of AI is one that has the power to transform industries and lead us all into an era where technology will be able to work for everyone, not just those with money. Today there are tools available on both free as well as low cost subscription models so you don't need any large investment right off the bat - these provide excellent opportunities if your goal would likely incorporate some form of machine learning into what they do best: process data!

Use AI to eliminate tedious and mundane tasks

The best way to find the right tools for your company is by looking at specific problems, and then focusing on areas that will help employees be more efficient. You can test out AI with existing solutions in this market or you might consider a “test case” as an option that can identify gaps before investing too heavily into new technology which can turn out not only ineffective but also expensive! Remember to try it on your existing tasks and then scale up if things go well from here!

Incorporate AI to your existing processes

One way to incorporate AI into your business is by integrating it with existing features of your business. Chatbots and AI can help you find your target audience with Facebook advertising. You might be able to improve existing processes, such as automating customer support or using data analytics in sales strategies. It also makes it easier for customers who are looking around on the web; they just want some quick answers when their computer crashes!

Integrate it to your customer service process

The fastest way for a small business to incorporate AI is by adding it into customer service. Thankfully for small-and medium sized companies who don't have the budget or resources necessary in order to create an entire team dedicated just towards answering phones—there's now software available which does this task on behalf of them! All you need are 10 lines of code from your website master page (or portal) plus any other required info about how things work here-like whether users can get help via chat if they're having trouble navigating around within site pages

Use AI for writing content

The power of artificial intelligence is being used to generate content ideas, subheadings and manage the tone for you. As AI becomes more advanced, it is able to assist in copywriting. While this isn't the case where you can just plug keywords and get a fully-functional article from scratch yet there are powerful ways that an artificial intelligence (AI) writing tool could generate ideas for content or manage tone when used experimentally with your current efforts at sending posts on social media platforms.

Future proof your business through product prognosis

What if you could get a sense of what customers are likely to buy before they even make their purchase? This is possible with machine learning and artificial intelligence. Small businesses can have access not only to current customer data, but also historical records that show how different audiences may respond in various situations - all this information helps inform product roadmap decisions and also predicts user behavior patterns!