SIG Self-Funded Searcher keeps ~80% equity of a $4.2M EBITDA deal!

A SIG Self-Funded Searcher closed a life-changing deal this month – he acquired a $4.2M EBITDA services company while keeping ~80% common equity. The Searcher partnered with SIG to provide proof of funding, support negotiations with lenders, raise the equity capital, develop the investment memo and financial strategy, and complete the purchase of the company. In a few short months from engagement with SIG, the searcher is now the Owner and CEO.

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We exist to accelerate this transition – to turn Searchers into Owners and change the rest of their lives for the better.

In this deal, we curated a very smart, industry-experienced, and supportive group of equity investors to bring all the capital needed for this large self-funded deal in which the Searcher retained ~80% of the common equity at closing (no step-ups, no hurdles, no vesting)!

Search Investment Group (SIG) was formed to support entrepreneurs who aspire to acquire, own and build great companies. In the last 12 months we have advised and/or invested in over 10 self-funded search deals and enabled many searchers to achieve their dream of owning their own business.