It was a privilege to represent self-funded search at Stanford GSB for one of the first times (if ever) today! A huge breakthrough for a campus on which Traditional Search has been the entrenched "model of choice" for decades.

SIG hosted coffee chats on campus all afternoon and will host a happy hour tonight, spreading the word about an incredible opportunity to pursue the self-funded path!

We shared advantages/disadvantages of each funding model for the Search Fund Club, and discussed a range of topics, including:

1) What are the economic models for self-funded / traditional / accelerator? Be specific around the economics for the searcher.

2) Why did you personally choose this search fund model?

3) Could you each describe an example of a search company you backed and what made it a good fit?

4) What are 2-3 cons for each of your respective models?

5) Who are good searcher candidates for your firm to invest in?

6) Who should consider a traditional/accelerated/self-funded search?

7) What is your role during the search/operating phases of an acquisition?