This week’s blog post is aimed specifically at those who are wrestling with the question of whether or not to take the entrepreneurial plunge.

You probably already appreciate that because of the deeply personal nature of this question, no single objectively correct answer exists. In light of that, the best that I (or anybody else) can do is to walk you through how I made this decision myself at the time that I had to make it.

In this post I'll walk you through the thought process that I employed in 2012 when I decided to become an entrepreneur, and attempt to compliment those considerations with some of the lessons and reflections that I’ve garnered in the 10 years since then, which of course benefit from the clarity that only seems to come with hindsight.

What I argue in this post is that the answer to this question will only be as good as the introspection, thought processes, and clarity of insights that one employs in seeking its answer. Generally speaking, entrepreneurship is both much less risky, and significantly less glamorous, than most might think.

Link to read (or listen to) the article is below:

Should You Become an Entrepreneur?