I've got a business under LOI, and would be using nearly all of my liquidity to provide the 10% equity infusion that the SBA requires. Seller is not willing to hold a second seller note on full standby (he's already holding 10%). DSCR is ~1.9x (pre-Q of E), so I'd have some breathing room after the purchase, and I also have other sources of income. Lenders seem to be fine with it, as I'm showing I'm going "all in", and I've gone all in on businesses earlier in my career as well out of necessity, so certainly willing to do that again.

I've never had investors or used any bank loans before for any of my prior handful of business purchases. However, at some point I think it would be beneficial to have investors to learn from, have a sounding board, build those relations, assist with future acquisitions, etc. I also don't know what I don't know, and am certainly looking to grow beyond just the financial element of this purchase.

A few questions & thoughts in my head:

What would your feedback be in this situation, any pros/cons to accepting investor equity when I don't technically need the money to purchase the business?

Is it better to have additional investors on board to lighten up my equity infusion, have a little more breathing room?

Is it always good to have investors on board that can assist during the journey?

Will the X hundred thousands either sitting in my bank account (with investors) or used as equity towards the down-payment (w/o investors) even matter at the end of the day? I'd have no immediate alternative plans for the cash.

Can the "pros" of what an investor would bring to the table be replicated with peers/mentors (e.g. Searchfunder community), even though they're not vested into the business like an investor would be?

Thank you all so much in advance!